Why ?

Why "My Beautiful Destination℠"? Beacause we love travel and because many destinations are beautiful and interesting.

The beauty starts from the moment you start planning your journey.

We are a team of travel enthusiasts. We love to travel. 

By providing good real travel content, information and tips, we strive to make travel easier and more fun.

This site is in development. It needs improvement in many aspects. It is only the beginning. CONTENT is key.  

On your mobile phone you can find you can have immediate access to useful information per destination. 

Vision and mission

Vision: travel worldwide is increasing rapidly. The wish for access to good information grows. New available communication tools become more and more sophisticated. Artificial Intelligence will support and dominate our behaviors and lives.

Mission: by accompanying people during a – virtual -  journey with useful, truthful information about destinations and reasons to travel, we provide news and experience to assist people with their dreams of travels.

Dare to live your dream.

Grand Canyon USA

Grand Canyon USA